The "duplex" is a poetic form invented by Jericho Brown— it is sewn together through repetition and couplets. It is a house with two addresses. It is the result of Brown's question, "What happens when that wall is up and what happens when we tear it down? How will we live together? Will we kill each other? Can we be more careful?" 

In celebration of The Poetry Society of New York's Salon Series ft. Jericho Brown on December 8th, we invite you to create a duplex poem of your own for a contest that will be judged by Brown. The winner will be offered either a reading slot at the Salon or the opportunity to have their poem published on PSNY's website. 

Here are the parameters of the form: 

- Write a ghazal that is also a sonnet that is also a blues poem of 14 lines, giving each line 9 to 11 syllables.

 -The first line is echoed in the last line.

- The second line of the poem should change our impression of the first line in an unexpected way.

- The second line is echoed and becomes the third line.

- The fourth line of the poem should change our impression of the third line in an unexpected way.

- This continues until the penultimate line becomes the first line of the couplet that leads to the final (and first) line.

- For the variations of repeated lines, it is useful to think of the a a’ b scheme of the blues form.  

Here's an example poem


A poem is a gesture toward home.
It makes dark demands I call my own.

             Memory makes demands darker than my own:
             My last love drove a burgundy car.

My first love drove a burgundy car. 
He was fast and awful, tall as my father.

             Steadfast and awful, my tall father
             Hit hard as a hailstorm.  He’d leave marks.

Light rain hits easy but leaves its own mark
Like the sound of a mother weeping again.

             Like the sound of my mother weeping again,
             No sound beating ends where it began. 

None of the beaten end up how we began.
A poem is a gesture toward home.

If you're interested in attending the Salon and hearing Jericho read from his book The Tradition, tickets are available here. If you become a member of The Poetry Society of New York for just $5/month, you'll receive two complimentary tickets! 

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