Below is a list of the PSNY submission opportunities currently available! But we are always experimenting with new programs and initiatives, so be sure to follow us here on Submittable or over on Instagram to stay up to date on other PSNY submission opportunities as they come up. 

Clickbait, is a blog designed to shamelessly attract attention to poetry. Using devices typically reserved for online “clickbait” like listicles, how-to’s, trends, SEO, hashtags, hyperlinks, hyperbole, sensationalism, puff, and fluff, the poets at The Poetry Society of New York are having a little fun: creating literary content, criticism, and entertainment that reaches outside the established poetry community to encourage wider audiences for poets and their work. 

No length requirements. We publish a couple of posts per week. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Feel free to contact us with questions! 

If you would like to follow a prompt, here are a few that we hope will spark your interest:

  • Send us a poem made up entirely of news headlines.
  • "How To's," such as: "How To Decode Your Poet's Text Messages."
  • Send a loved one a love poem, and send us their reaction (and the poem)!

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Milk Press offers weekly generative, virtual, poetry workshops. In a time of social distancing, blank spaces, safe spaces, and spaces six feet between us, we’ve created a single space for poets and poetry lovers to come together and create art in real time. Join the Milk editors + our rotating roster of guest instructors for online video workshops complete with innovative writing exercises and a healing, constructive, creative environment. Our past guest instructors have included CA Conrad, Paul Muldoon, Kaveh Akbar, Lauren Hunter, Geffrey Davis, Keetje Kuipers, and so many more! 

We offer up to two scholarships per workshop each week. If you're interested in attending for free, please apply by submitting the following: a cover letter (including which workshop you'd like to attend + why) and some writing samples (no more than five pages, please).

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a cast member of The Poetry Brothel. Artists from underrepresented communities are in particular encouraged to apply.

In your application, you will need to include your professional name; a cover letter; the city where you reside, a link to your website, portfolio, or Instagram page; your character name & bio (this need not contain any factual or professional information); at least one headshot or other photo of yourself; and an audition video. If you are applying to be one of the poets, please also include 5 pages of your poetry as a PDF. 

In your cover letter, we encourage you to explain your interest in The Poetry Brothel and your background as an artist and performer. If you have any experience working in the sex industry, please also feel safe to mention it here. 

The audition video should be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Feel free to shoot the video on your iPhone; we don't need anything professionally produced. We simply want to get a sense of your personality, style, and voice while seeing a little bit of what you do. If you are a poet, perform a poem! If you are a dancer, we'd love to see a routine. If you are a singer, sing for us. If you read tarot, show us a sample reading.

Good luck, and we look forward to exploring your work!

Working with The Poetry Society of New York as an intern can be life-changing. Internship tasks can be tailored around your interests whether those interests are in event production, marketing or PR, fundraising and development, editorial work, or elsewhere. As a small non-profit, we empower our interns with a lot more responsibility than most organizations, and we usually become life-long friends. All internships are unpaid, but they can be done for college credit. We encourage those with any of the following qualifications to apply:

  • Hands-on mentality; self-motivated, intuitive, & independent worker
  • Strong artistic aesthetic & attention to detail
  • Ability to work remotely & during nonstandard business hours
  • Demonstrated familiarity with and enthusiasm for poetry, literature, theater, and performance art
  • Experience using Eventbrite, Canva, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Submittable, Squarespace, Quickbooks, Shopify, and/or Google Workspace

To be considered for an internship, please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest, background, and availability through Submittable.

Milk Press seeks poetry and visual art that steeps itself in identity, performance, social critique, cultural contemplation, body politics, empathy, and everything within and beyond. Underrepresented voices and emerging artists are in particular encouraged to apply. We believe strongly in diversity and inclusion and strive to ensure that our authors and artists represent the variety of cultures, backgrounds, and unique viewpoints that shape our world.

Milk features one poem and one piece of visual art per week on Spilt Milk, our press' blog. Please limit your poetry submissions to 5 poems. 

The Poetry Society of New York